Visualise, explore and semantically query your knowledge assets, data and relationships.

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OntoPop was built by Jillur Quddus @ HyperLearning AI
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  • HyperLearning AI
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Knowledge Network Connections

About OntoPop

Visualise and explore ontologies

OntoPop is an open-source software project that enables the visualisation, search, exploration and management of version-controlled ontologies.

  • Semantic Architecture

    Visualise, explore and semantically query your organisation's knowledge assets, data and relationships.

  • Open Source

    Deploy OntoPop to your own on-premise or cloud-based environment and take advantage of its extensive APIs.


Semantic Architecture

Explore and query ontologies visually and programmatically

Hierarchical Network View
  • Import

    W3C Web Ontology Language

    Import directly from WebProtégé or upload an OWL RDF/XML ontology file from your local device.

  • Visualise

    Interactive Network Visualisation

    Identify and explore classes, named individuals and semantic relationships via OntoPop's intuitive user interface.

  • Search

    Simple and Advanced Search

    Perform simple and advanced search queries via integration with Elasticsearch and using SPARQL and Gremlin queries.

  • Integrate

    Information Architecture

    Integrate OntoPop within your existing information architecture via its extensive APIs and interoperable data services.

Product Roadmap

OntoPop Enterprise

Product roadmap and upcoming features

OntoPop Community 2.x

Always Free • Open Source

  • Partial OWL vocabulary support
  • OWL RDF/XML syntax
  • Self-managed APIs
  • API key authentication and authorisation
  • GitHub and WebProtégé integration
  • SPARQL, Gremlin and Elasticsearch
  • Maximum 1MB file size limit
Source Code
Product Roadmap

OntoPop Community 3.x

Always Free • Open Source • 2023

  • Extensive OWL vocabulary support
  • OWL/XML, RDF/XML and Turtle
  • Semantic validation and comments
  • API token-based authentication
  • Common Git providers support
  • Interactive case studies
  • Increased file size limit
Coming in 2023

OntoPop Enterprise

Enterprise-ready • 2024

  • Visual ontology builder
  • Compare and analyse ontologies
  • Real-time collaboration
  • User registration and login
  • Managed APIs
  • Enterprise security
  • Enterprise integrations
Coming in 2024
Product Roadmap